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Careers @ Ten Forward

We're always looking to add good people to our company, and we traditionally hire people instead of roles. We have a history of hiring great people and changing the company to make us all more productive with the new team member.

If you love software (or hate it but want to work with it for the rest of your life anyway) you shouldn't ever hesitate to get in touch. That being said, we're currently actively seeking people to help fill the following role:

Software Developer


We primarily use Ruby on Rails with a huge variety of front-end technologies, usually based in Javascript. We do a lot of mobile work (HTML5 and native) as well, and we write a lot of tests. This is a full-time position (35-40 hours max.) and while we do frequently telecommute after big snowstorms (and nobody seems to show up on Thursdays), most of the time you'll work out of our office space on Madison's west side that we share with the wonderful folks at Madworks Coworking.

Ideal Candidate*

  • You have enough experience to have developed opinions about things like dynamically typed languages, database servers, source control systems, and IDEs. You're the good kind of lazy; you'd rather spend 2 hours writing a script to automate something that can be used over and over than spend 20 minutes doing it manually. You're comfortable in a Linux terminal, and maybe even prefer one to Windows 8.
  • You can write SQL queries and you know what a closure is. You have a favorite programming language (and it's not PHP). You have experience with a language like Ruby or Python even if you were trained on Java or C#. Maybe you’ve heard of Elixir or Scala.
  • You're a whiz with CSS, but you use SASS or LESS nowadays. You're looking forward to not having to support IE8 (9?) ever again.
  • You've written software for mobile devices (responsive web counts!), and you understand the challenges of writing software for many different platforms.
  • You’re comfortable using and contributing to open source software, and you think it’s awesome that people give away code that’s so incredibly useful.
  • You pay attention to details, and rarely need to be told anything twice. You love learning new things but you don't automatically assume new == better.
  • You can clearly communicate what you're thinking, and you're not afraid to speak your mind.
  • You're motivated to create the best software you can, and irritated when forced to use software you know you could fix if you could only get under the hood.

* We don't expect any individual to have all of these traits, that would be silly. If the list resonates with you, please don’t let something we’ve listed (or didn't list) prevent you from applying if you're awesome and you think you'd be good for our team.


  • Market salary
  • Health insurance
  • 401k, company match
  • Paid holidays
  • Vacation days
  • Friendly, relaxed work environment
  • Pro-telecommuting
  • Upward mobility (seriously, we're looking for future leaders)
  • Working with awesome people

Sounds great, what now?

Email careers@tenforward.consulting and include a short cover note, a résumé or CV, salary requirements, and some links to your portfolio/github/arduino project/band's last performace/cat/dog/anything else you're proud to show off. We believe the only way to really evaluate a programmer is to look at code, and you will write code during your interview (on a computer, not on a whiteboard).

Maybe you've been programming in a cubicle since you graduated a few years ago and are wondering if there are better ways to spend your time. Or perhaps you never went to college, but you just love writing code so much that you taught yourself how, and you want to keep your career going. Get in touch today and you can help us continue to write great software at Ten Forward Consulting.